One Dozen Good Reasons for Supporting MP Mr C. Seale-Hayne 1892 Your old tried Friend and Neighbour:

(#OnePlaceGovernance Sticklepath’s MP) Mid or Ashburton Division Election

Personally signed electioneering card given to Finch family of Sticklepath

(1) Because he is a Devonshire Man and knows the wants of Devonshire Men.

(2) Because for nearly forty years he has worked for the cause of Liberalism and the rights of the people

(3) Because he has represented the Mid or Ashburton Division in Parliament for six years and a half, and has been one of the most diligent and hard working Members of the House of Commons.

(4) Because he always votes straight, according to the promises he gave before his Election.

(5) Because he supports the Working Classes in the House of Commons by voting in the same Lobby as the Working Men Members of Parliament.

(6) Because he is in favour of reforming the Poor Law and relieving hard working men who can scarcely maintain themselves, from being called upon to maintain their aged parents.

(7) Because he is not in favour of one law for the rich and another for the poor, but of equal laws for all.

(8) Because Gladstone, who gave working men their votes, said of Mr Seale-Hayne – “Faithful among the faithless, only he.”

(9) Because he is universally acknowledged to be the best Member for the interests of the Farmer and the Labourer that Devonshire has ever sent to Parliament.

(10) Because he has always been attentive and obliging to all his constituents.

(11) Because he lives in your midst and is a supporter of all your local institutions without distinction of party or creed.

(12) Because you never desert an old friend, and one who has served you well, for one of whom, before the Election, you had never heard.

Reasons given – transcript above.

Further information including his role in endowing Seale-Hayne farming and food sciences college in Devon

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