News Flash! Lightning Strike in Sticklepath

A severe thunderstorm, with torrential rain and vivid lightning, broke here on Tuesday about mid-day, and lasted about two hours. Houses in some places were flooded.

Mrs. Albert May, who lives in White Rock Cottage, with her family, were at dinner, when suddenly she screamed and was unable to rise from her chair. It appears she was struck by lightning in her leg, and received a severe burn.

White Rock Cottage photo taken November 1983 when Bert Stead lived there.

Much damage was caused outside to the chimney and the furniture inside an overmantel and several pictures being destroyed and other furniture badly damaged.

Mrs May received medical attention and is going on as well as can be expected.

Source: Western Times Friday 15th July 1927 courtesy of The British Library Board accessed through The British Newspaper Archive.

White Rock Cottage is the topmost left-most house facing us with dark windows and door near the middle of the photo.

Previous sales particulars for interest.

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