I am interested in anyone who has lived in, been buried or memorialised in Sticklepath cemetery or is connected with Sticklepath. Note that it is difficult to include information about identifiable living people on the website. If you would like to write a small piece, (or a fully sourced long piece!), we can include it here, acknowledging authorship/sources, or link to your site. Photographs are especially welcome though copyright issues may need to be considered (for old photographs please include a copy of the photographers mount and the back of the photograph where possible). Please also see Findagrave for known Sticklepath Quaker Burying Ground burials (ecumenical since 1816) Friends associates and neighbours who never actually lived here but are important to Sticklepath in some way are indexed on another page.

To share information or any questions

Sticklepath People. Arranged in alphabetical order by surname at birth, when known:

AGGETT John 1801 – 1881 findagrave

AGGETT Mary Ann (maiden name not yet known) findagrave

ALDWELL Sarah Alice (maiden name not yet known) 1848-1941 findagrave

ALLEN Sarah (maiden name not known) died 1734 Quaker findagrave

ARSCOTT Ann (Maiden name not yet known) 1834 – 11 Jun 1920 Newspaper report

ARSCOTT Louisa 1841 – 1848 Six years old, mother maiden name Jordon findagrave

AUSTIN Elizabeth 1843-1857 died of scarlet fever aged 14y findagrave

AUSTIN James 1805-1880 findagrave

AUSTIN Mary 1842-1858 Died of Dropsy aged 15-16 findagrave

AVERY Juliana Norton. Married Charles BELL 1848-1929. findagrave

AWSON a mystery, no other details in burial register. findagrave

BAKER Rose, Mrs Harry Ackford 26 Dec 1890 – 3 Mar 1966 findagrave

Barron Jessica Emma see Finch

BARRON Richard Knapton 1919-1964 findagrave

BARTLE Jessie 1854-1867 Age 12. Died of Inflammation of lungs. findagrave

BATTERSHILL William 1836-1837 Died of fits see blog findagrave

BATTISHILL William 1797-1845 findagrave for Jessica Bayliss see DOWN

BAYLIS(S) William John 1870-1931 findagrave

Bell Juliana see AVERY

BENNETT Edith Mary see Glover

BENNETT Emily 1863-1936 findagrave

BENNETT George 1871-1954. findagrave

BENNETT John 1863-1929. findagrave

BENNETT John Died 1933 findagrave

BENNETT Mary Ann see BOWDEN especially Beatrice Mary

BENNETT Mary died 1873 findagrave

BENNETT Mary. Died 1856. findagrave

BENNETT Nesta 1896-1960 findagrave

Bennett Susanna(h) see HATHERLEY

BESTELL Sarah 1821-1849 Died of Nervous Fever. Husband clergyman. findagrave. (CLERGY)

BOLT – see Dawe

BOND James Inquest of death 15 Feb 1828 Act of God for cripple about to go to Poor House

BOWDEN – please contact me.

BOWDEN Ann (nee JONES) 1934-2015

BOWDEN Beatrice Mary

BOWDEN Charles ROGER. 1935-2015

BOWDEN Herbert Leslie Aircraftman First Class, Military Medal (MILITARY)

CANN – Bob Robert

CHING Kezia Huxtable 1860 – 1933 ‘Auntie Kate’. AND FAMILY

CROCKER Amanda Milvena (Malvina or Melvena) Burial 1856/7 -1864

DAWE family

DOWN Jessica married name Bayliss. findagrave

FINCH please contact me shields_h_f@sticklepathone

FINCH Jessica Emma 1885-1973 Married name BARRON findagrave.

Finch Jessie 1860-1886

Finch Naomi 1872 to after 1949

Finch Phyllis obituary 1976

GLOVER Edith Mary 1914-1946

GRIGG – see Mance

GUEST Jane 1758 – 1828  Joseph 1759-1839

HARVEY Gertrude Eliz 1895 -1990

HATHERLEY Susanna(h) 1838-1917 Married name BENNETT findagrave

HELLIER family

HOOPER. George


JOWETT Catharine or Katharine etc, ARTIST born Wheatley

JOBLING Mark Ernest and wife Emily Cross.

JONES Ann Rosalie Lloyd 1934 – 2015 For Emma see Powell

KNAPMAN Abstracts of Wills regards unspecified property at Sticklepath

MANCE William Henry and Ann(e) GRIGG (later Penrose)

MEDLAND Mary Ann (married name AUSTIN) 1806-1870 findagrave

NEILL, CaptJames Will 1927

OSBORN Albert Thomas ‘Tom’ (1874 -1940) and his wife Lucy Hill (-1940) from Throwleigh, and William Osborn and other relatives including mother Martha Osborn of Sticklepath.

POWELL Emma 1902-1979 (Mrs Lloyd Jones)

RICHARDS Mary Will and Probate 1900


SPEAR – Jane died 1839, see Guest

St LEGER-GORDON Ruth (1893 – 1988) and Douglas ( -1970 ). (AUTHORS)

WAYE family: Eliz Waye 1846-1858. Elizabeth Waye 1805 – 1864. Jane Waye 1822-1842. Joseph Waye 1850 – 1858 Willm Waye 1763 – 1851

WHEATLEY Catharine or Katharine etc See JOWETT, artist of some renown. (ARTIST)

WONNACOTT Emma 1869 – 1943

YEO family: Ada Yeo 1881 lived 5 weeks. Ann Yeo 1766 – 1845. Edith Yeo 1882 – 1883. James Yeo 1878 – 1879. Jemima Yeo 1801 – 1859. John Yeo 1832 – 1845. John Yeo 1800 – 1850. John Yeo 1885 – 1886. Richard Yeo 1877 – 1878. William Yeo 1761 – 1841

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