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I hope, in time, to find out more about each house and family. Have you looked at a house history in Sticklepath? Do you have a photograph either recent or historical? Do you know of a name change for example – this can be very helpful. Could you write something to add to this page (of course acknowledging your work). I would love this to be a collaborative project. Alternatively can we link to your work elsewhere about Sticklepath? Contact All items however brief, stories, photos or facts welcome. If you are starting research about something Sticklepath, do contact me as I have much more not yet on the website.

Some ideas about how to start a Sticklepath house history can be found here

Some further suggested starting points for a house history include,, and if you have questions after that join #HouseHistoryHour on Twitter each Thursday 7-8pm (London time) each week, lots of experts to help!


The Quaker Burying Ground. Extensive photographic guide and links to named burials. Note Sticklepath residents are commonly interred in Belstone, South Tawton or Sampford Courtenay Parish Churchyards and Non-Conformists particularly may be in Okehampton. Many are now on , anyone able to add photographs of individual gravestones with a transcription would be most welcome.


Bridge Cottage – (or see William Hellier) and resident George Hooper

East Okement Farm – not in Sticklepath but the children came to Sticklepath School. Interesting report (external link)

Ska View Cottages A series of blog posts : A, B, C, D.

Tawside (in South Tawton Parish).

Trafalgar Lodge – South Tawton Parish. Believed built 1920s (2020 sales brochure)

For details of the listed buildings (created Feb 2021) see here. For latest on Historic England (beware other places called Sticklepath) they have requested people add more information to their database if you have any.


Post Offices.

Sticklepath School (I may have more, do contact me.)

Sticklepath’s Pubs The Cornish Inn Sales Particulars 1857

St Mary’s focus on window memorials


The Bridge, Sticklepath Bridge or Taw Bridge


The Honest Man, The Incised Stone, Our Standing Stones

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