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50 Images of Sticklepath

Lady Well , piped water for Sticklepath and Lion’s Mouth

The Incised Stone and the ‘Honest Man’ Sticklepath’s Standing Stones

The Village Hall

Sticklepath Bridge

Sticklepath’s Listed buildings (as accessed October 2020)

A walk through Sticklepath Article written for Devon Family History Society journal based on a Pharos course assignment

Postcards – a list of Chapman postcards and links to blog posts regarding specific postcards

Geology of Sticklepath

Ramblings on local history and environment of Sticklepath

Land at Back Lane /Oak Tree Park , Sticklepath, Devon An Archeology and Cultural Heritage Assessment prepared by John Valentin MIfA on behalf of West Devon Homes. Document No: ACD20/1/0 Date: November 2008 (Link to different website)

Webb, P. (2017). Archaeological monitoring of groundworks associated with building extensions and conversion of the Former Methodist Chapel, Sticklepath. South West Archaeology. (Link to a different website)


There are a series of blog posts concerning 2 Ska View Cottages. Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 4


Sticklepath School, essentially a timeline from Hutchison’s booklet “A Village School Chronicle 1879-1979”


Reflections on making Wills and the costs

Probate of the Will of Mary Richards deceased dated 2 Mar 1900 Extracted by G.D.Cann Solicitor Exeter for purpose of Deeds for No. 2 Ska View Cottages

Probate of the Will of James Neill deceased 26 Feb 1927. Extracted by J.J.Newcombe Solicitor, Okehampton for purpose of Deeds for Ska View Cottages

Knapman – abstracts of Wills re Property (unspecified) at Sticklepath 1867-1923.


St Mary’s Roll of Honour transcription

Red Cross Volunteer (WW 1) Amy Prickman

Stanley Internment Camp Hong Kong (WW II) Phyllis Finch

Missing soldier for 16 months 1942-3 Jim Cooper

Herbert Leslie Bowden Military Medal for RAF Aircraftman 1st Class


Francis W Dymond’s Trust Properties of the County of Devon 1899 (Transcription of an extract)

Friends of East Devon and their Meetings (1654 – 1928) By William J. Thomasson (Transcript of Extract)


Meeting House Licence Requests

Reminiscences of Thomas Pearse regards early Methodism in the circuit 1743-1861 (transcription)

Blog post regarding Religious Heritage in Sticklepath

Romantic description of Sticklepath Village and Visits by Wesley from Western Morning News 23 Sept 1932 by Herbert Richards of Penzance

Early Methodism in Sticklepath (Small green pamphlet) by Bert Stead (I believe)


Bishops Visitation Returns 1744 and 1779

Blog post regarding Religious Heritage in Sticklepath and the early history including the Courtenay family

Reference to Church Warden accounts, developing website Warwick university

HEALTH in the area

Measles Epidemic Western Times – Friday 24 November 1939

Smallpox in Sticklepath The Western Times 28 Oct 1871

Deafness – Solon Bowden

Down’s syndrome 1910 Leslie Finch

Fits, seizures or Convulsions – Baby Battishill

A Miner/Quarry man who died from Chronic Bronchitis and heart failure Will Hellier (1876 – 1947)

A gruesome concealed pregnancy The Western Times 1904

Dr Christopher Sharp Obituary

Accidents A mining accident 1905 and a little further information relating to the miner, toddler drowns 1895


Getting to know your blacksmiths lengthy article written for One-Place Studies Society Destinations magazine and based on an assignment for a Pharos course on occupations.

Police – PC Joseph Labdon (policeman, carpenter and undertaker)

The Post Office

Millinery Olive Finch

Thatcher William Way


Devon Migrants – using parish records, a paper by Marion Hardy.