Genealogy Tips!

I am no expert but am happy to share some of the things I have learnt as I have been finding my way through family and local history. I am always interested to hear other ideas or discuss better ways… Do please hit the contact button and let me know.

Ideas for investigating your Sticklepath House

Things to know if looking for Sticklepath families

Need help with Genealogy Searches?

Useful websites – my suggestions for some places to look. Start with Cyndi’s List and Genuki (if you know where they lived). Another 50 free genealogy sites

Some ideas for starting your family history. Document everything with details of where/how you got the information. Write down your own details, interview living relatives for facts and stories, including any knowledge of other relatives, burial sites etc. Buy selected birth marriage and death certificates as budget allows. Note how you know for each fact or story!

Libraries often have access to subscription websites which you can try out before possibly subscribing. So much is available online – put a question into Google plus ‘genealogy’ and you will almost certainly get an answer!

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