These have been identified as having information relevant to Sticklepath. I have not yet checked them all out! Some listed are from the bibliography of other printed information. Much work has been done not only on Sticklepath but surrounding villages by a number of local people. Key people include eg Patrick Shaw (work on South Tawton) and Chris Walpole’s ongoing works regards Belstone and Sticklepath. I am gradually checking out the primary sources!

I am always keen to see copies or scans of original documents related to Sticklepath eg deeds, letter, diaries, notes, photographs. Please do let me know of any other sources you are aware of for Sticklepath, or with any queries.


The following links take you to transcripts by Helen Shields 2021-2:

Baptisms at Sticklepath Wesleyan Chapel

Trust Property within the County of Devon 1899, Dymond

Friends of East Devon, 1654-1928 by W.J.M. Thomasson (copy also at Exeter archive)

Some Reminiscences Respecting Methodism in the Okehampton Circuit 1743 to 1861 by Thomas Pearse

Methodism in North Devon 1871 Summary from Book by J.G.Hayman

The Beginnings of Methodism in Sticklepath small green booklet Likely collated and written by Bert Stead Extract

Other Sources Identified Include:

England and Wales Census for Parishes of Sampford Courtenay, Belstone and South Tawton, 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 and the 1939 Register

Parish records and non-conformist (largely Wesleyan and Quaker) records for the above Parishes, including church warden’s accounts. There is a Sticklepath Wesleyan births and marriages register in Exeter archive.

British Newspaper Archive. Very useful for stories and background, not always reliable! (See links below)

Sticklepath 1900-1950 by Jessie E Barron

The Story of Sticklepath (Dartmoor) Compiled by Sticklepath Women’s Institute 1955 reprinted with minor amendments 1993

A Village School Chronicle 1879-1979 Compiled and written by Victor J Hutchison

Finch Brothers’ Foundry Sticklepath, Okehampton, Devon published by Graphmire Ltd, 1 West St Tavistock

Robert A. Barron The Finch Foundry Trust and Sticklepath Museum of Rural Industry Printed by Jordan Phillips. ?1975

South Tawton & South Zeal – with Sticklepath 1000 years beneath the beacon. Roy and Ursula Radford 2000. Halsgrove. Less useful for Sticklepath, in the same series is The book of Sampford Courtenay with Honeychurch, 2003 Stephanie Pouya

The Book of Belstone (Words and images from a Dartmoor village) by Chris and Marion Walpole. Includes a video tape – if anyone has a player!

J Kenneth Major Finch Brothers’ Foundry, Sticklepath, David & Charles, reprinted 1974

Articles about the Foundry (not necessarily available on BNA) include Western Times & Gazette 1 Apr 1966, 31 Oct 1969; Western Morning News 24 Jul 1970, 21 Jan 1972; Sunday Times magazine 28 Jan 1974

Industrial archaeology Vol 12 No 2

More ancient records known to mention Sticklepath, to be found at some point: Fines Dev. Com. Hen. IV, 37; Calendar of Patent Rolls 1413-16; Chantry Rolls of Ed. VI.; Bishop Vesey’s Survey, 3rd Nov 1526: Episcopal Registers of the Diocese of Exeter; Fines Devon 7 and 8 Eliz. Michm

Oliver Cromwell’s survey of possessions of bishops, deans, chapters and benefices etc.

Tanner’s Monasticum 1649

The Magna Britannica Vol 6 Devonshire mentions the early loss of Sticklepath parish (scroll down to find it mentioned specifically). Similarly mentioned in A Topographical Dictionary (under Sampford Courtenay) and there are other useful references on British History Online .

John Wesley’s Journal

History of Okehampton (including the journals kept by Messrs Rattenbury and Shebbear, Gents and Burgesses from 21, James I to the death of William III. Edited by W.H.K. Wright, 1889)

Okehampton Turnpikes by EP Burd

History of Sampford Courtenay Parish by H. Fulford Williams

Sticklepath Burial Ground registers and records

Archaeology Data Service

A useful list of books relating to Devon in the 1920s but more widely applicable

Business Directories – Sticklepath is listed with Willey under Sampford Courtenay.  Useful for names, land owners and businesses, shops and postmasters, dates eg water pipes, costs of buildings etc.  Among these are: 

White’s Directory 1850 page 792-3 

Post Office Directory 1856  Page 267 

Directory and Gazeteer of the County of Devon, 1857 (Billing’s) page 431-2

Kelly’s  Directory 1866 

NAtional Gazeteer, 1868

Morris Directory 1870 page 624 

Kelly’s 1873 page 335 

Harrods Directory 1878 page 607-8 

White’s 1878 page 695-6 

Kelly’s 1883 page 389;  Kelly’s 1889 page 503-4:  Kelly’s 1893 page 552-3;  Kelly’s 1902  page 620; Kelly’s 1910 page ?662-3;  Kelly’s 1914  page 684;  Kelly’s 1919 page 640-1;  Kelly’s 1923 page 657;  Kelly’s 1926 page 691-2;  Kelly’s1935 page ?670;  Kelly’s 1939  page 685 

A list of 21 priests of the Sticklepath Chantry from 1280 – 1546 (Available in Sticklepath Heritage Group archive but can be derived from Halsgrove book above).

Tithe maps, o/s and other maps.  Several are shown/referenced in the Sticklepath Appraisal (along with lots of photos) 2005 

A Book of Dartmoor, Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould.

Guide to Dartmoor William Crossing, also Mr Crossing’s Report , 1901 , re-printed by the Dartmoor Preservation Society 1997

Transcriptions of the Devonshire Association. Various volumes especially the papers ‘Neighbours of North Wyke’ by E Lega Weekes. Vols XXX-XXXVII

Note of Exeter Diocesan Architectural Society

Under Dartmoor Hills and other books by Douglas St Leger Gordon Also articles including “Industry in a Devon Village” Country Life 14 Jan 1944

The Witchcraft and folklore of Dartmoor Ruth E St Leger-Gordon 1972 New York Bell (Available free through

Austin Magazine article by J.D.U. Ward March 1967

John Reynolds Windmills & Watermills, Hugh Evelyn Ltd 1969

Brian J Ford Preserving an Industrial Centre on Dartmoor’s edge” New Scientist & Science Journal pp 332-333 6 May 1971

Men and Memories Richard Pyke

The Shearer and the Shorn E.W. Martin. A study of Life in a Devon Community Dartington Hall Studies in Rural Sociology

UK Genealogy Archives link to the Heraldic visits for Devon and other resources. They also have links to the Devon newspapers on British Newspaper Archive (copied August 2022):

Newspapers and Periodicals

The British Newspaper Archive have fully searchable digitised copies of the following newspapers covering Devon online:

The National Archive has a range of documents which mention Sticklepath. This one popped up on a search, I haven’t yet had time to investigate! Mentions Godfrey H. Massey Baker of Oxenham Sticklepath Okehampton. (Calendar of Probate 1889).