A One Place Study has a number of cross cutting ‘themes’ or topics which can be considered. I have started building evidence for these in blog posts. Links provided below. A more considered paper published in two parts in Destinations, the journal of the One Place Studies Society, concerns blacksmiths.

Find more information about One Place Studies here or visit the One-Place Studies Society.

Themes might include:

Maps eg topographical map, geology, tithe map, good links on maphistory and article from WhoDoYouThinkYouAre I have published a series of articles and a number of blog posts (1, 2, 3, 4) relating to this topic

Occupations eg blacksmiths (extensive info on how to investigate your blacksmiths using Sticklepath examples), laundress, William Way(e) a thatcher (external video of thatching), Olive Finch milliner. For skills around hedge laying (external link see video). Policemen see below

Migration Why do people move in, when why and where do they go to? See also PC Labdon

Women (often more difficult to investigate as less records were kept about women in general) Auntie Kate -different approaches to investigating a woman, Ann Bowden – first chair of Sticklepath Parish Council,

Transport – the effect of the railways, road widening, taxi and haulage business. Our place on the Trafalgar Way

Post Office. Mary Cann and the Yeo family,

Crime! A concealed pregnancy, (See also PC Joseph Labdon)

Police. PC Joseph Labdon

Worship – an overview, Some Reminiscences by Thomas Pearse 1874 regards methodism in the Okehampton Circuit

Services such as water, electricity etc. From Ladywell to Standpipes, other

Landmarks Sticklepath Bridge, 50 images of Sticklepath, The Village Hall, Ladywell, the standing stones,

Tragedies. A mining accident, the stories of Thomas Finch’s sons Victor and Leslie,

Wartime Amy Beatrice Prickman VAD quartermaster and emergency nurse. Jim Cooper missing in action for 16 months. Roll of Honour St Mary’s. Sticklepath’s 1914-1918 war memorial and the people on it. Aircraftman First Class Herbert Leslie Bowden. Please note there are plenty of websites for different battalions etc, just look with your favourite search engine eg 2nd Battalion Devonshire regiment

Geography. Geology Page and post

Dartmoor. Many references at end of this article on Richard Hansford Worth and his father, both strongly involved with Devon and Cornwall Record Society

Death disease and Disability Convulsions or fits in 1800s, deafness, measles (epidemic in Okehampton), smallpox in Sticklepath in 1871. A bit about TB. Inquest on James Bond 1828 an act of God for a cripple about to attend the poor house.

Governance. Seale-Hayne MP, Sticklepath Parish Council 1987