to walk in their footsteps and share their lives with the world (OPS society)

In Ten Steps to a OnePlace Study Dr Janet Few says “A oneplace study involves investigating a small geographical area in minute detail, researching the inhabitants, the buildings and the institutions within that place, as well as the events that took place there.”

Sticklepath Methodist Chapel, before the road was widened

Sticklepath One Place Study aims to build a picture of the place in which my ancestors lived for over 200 years, to learn what life was like for them and what changes took place over the course of time.

Studying census records, Parish and Wesleyan records, newspapers, historical directories, the Quaker Burying ground, maps and wills etc, should help us understand how different families were related or connected to each other.  I also hope to build up a picture of their trades and occupations, to better understand individual lives. As a retired medic I am also interested in illness and death and the reasons people died over the years – so I am keen to collect all sorts of information!

The Devonshire Inn Sticklepath, about 1900?

There are 3 main strands:

  • A database using ‘NameandPlace’, a forward thinking database and analytical tool to help us consider changes in population, prevalence of occupations, and more complex issues such as migration. Why and when do people move in and out of the village? Plus much more. 

Not everything can be available on the web.  There are copyright, time and other resources are limited.  Please contact the project for more information or to add your stories, photos or research. 

Happy to share in all things Sticklepath!

It would be great if this could become a collaborative project. So, if you have Sticklepath Ancestors in your family tree, I would love to hear from you. If you have stories, photos, information about the history of Sticklepath and its people which you would be happy to share then please do let me know!

I would also greatly appreciate copies/scans of birth, marriage or death certificates for any Sticklepath folk.

One Place Studies are research carried out by an individual or group about – you guessed – one place. It can be a village as here, a street or community, perhaps even a factory. asylum or war memorial. There are no strict rules!

There is a Society and a Directory

For those wanting to know more Dr Janet Few runs an online course through PHAROS helping people start and develop their OPS. She has also written several books including the one quoted above which are available through contacting her:

For further information or to share, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

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