On this day in 1935…

#52ancestors Week 17 – Favourite Place? Where else but #Sticklepath. #OnePlaceWednesday #OnePlaceStudy

Birthdays are strange things – until we needed to know our birthdate to register for school or claim our pension the specific date was not that important. Genealogists know that, as people often varied their age over the decades of the census. Now however it is firmly part of our identity.

5-5-35 has quite a nice ring to it – easy to remember. That was my Dad’s birthdate, so today would be his birthday. I have therefore. spent some time recalling happy memories. Genealogists eagerly document dates and places, but it is the person we would really like to recapture.

Roger’s home throughout the 80 years of his life was Cleave House in Sticklepath. Initially with his Grandfather Albany Finch and parents, and various other family members over the years.

1939. Roger aged 4 ½ and his sister, with Roy Young evacuee between them. (Dressed up as per first world war).

Shebbear College was his senior school and always meant a lot to him. He remained friends with Gordon Dean (far left), a teacher, Mr Cyril Barfoot, and with Matron (see next image) throughout their lives.

Roger (in shorts) helping to replace the main shaft in the Foundry 1950.
He studied maths at Exeter University, College of the SouthWest, where he met Ann, his future wife. He spent some time in hospital with TB during this time.
They were married in Bristol 1959
By 1961 their family was expanding
And more….
Family life included all the usual celebrations – here a guy prepared for the bonfire in the back yard.
I remember the lupins! The lorry business was run from home. With drivers calling day and night I knew nothing of a 9-5 working day! Home made see-saw in foreground.
Photos can’t capture personality, but Roger liked wordplay, harmless jokes with friends and family. (Poor Mr Cook – always a chef-related comment!)
Roger was interested in black and white photography as a child and young adult, developing his own. He also took all the photos for his catalogues when he started in the hosta business.
They built a National collection and started showing – a steep learning curve to get to the medals.
The coveted Gold Medal at Chelsea. A real team effort too!
He loved to sing from teenager on, whether solo (here accompanied by friend Joanna Young)
or with various choirs, madrigal or singing groups – here Chagford.
He loved a good strong cup of tea (no mugs), and clotted cream (even on cornflakes!)
And could fall asleep anywhere – even on stage.

Ann was his constant companion and love of his life. Here after her MBE award 1986

Golden wedding – they even had an Emerald wedding celebration, 55 years.
There is no doubt that his favourite place was in Sticklepath, probably in the garden of Cleave House with Ann by his side.

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