#52 Ancestors Week 16: DNA

#DNAday #DNA #Sticklepath #SticklepathOne

Less than a week since I got my DNA results! I have been playing around with them while @patientgenie is patiently taking me through a DNA beginner’s course – two more Tuesdays and I will be an expert – Well OK I will have an idea of the basics! 235 matches 4th cousins or closer on Ancestry. It is a bit mind boggling to say the least! Only 1 cousin I actually have a known connection with so far.

I am hoping this chart is what I am trying to achieve with grouping people – my matches on Chromosome 1 who match each other…. (FTDNA site, the names are repeated across the top and down the side so the grey squares are where the same name is on both. The tick means they match each other as well as me!)

Meanwhile trying to construct a quick and dirty tree as broad and deep and wide as I can. Looking for descendants of direct ancestors siblings is not quite what I am used to. This is definitely a marathon not a sprint, and in this analogy I can hardly walk up the steep learning curve, let alone jog as yet!

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