William Henry MANCE 1791 – 1848

The 1841 Census for Sticklepath, Sampford Courtenay Parish shows William Mance aged 49y miller, married to Ann aged 49y.  I think they are living adjacent to the “Western and Carnoll” mill complex just by Sticklepath Bridge at the Eastern end of the village.  

It seems likely (not proven) that these are William Henry Mance, who married Ann Grigg in Plymouth St Andrew’s 1825. (Marriage not on Ancestry Sept 2020, but is on Findmypast).

A William Mance buried in Shaugh Prior, SW edge Dartmoor. With a likely corresponding death registered in Plymouth Vol9 p227 1848 Q3.

An Anne Grigg baptised in Shaugh Prior in 29 May 1791, parents William and Frances Grigg.

The fabulous Online Parish Clerk system through Deborah O’Brien, the Devon OPC Co-ordinator I discovered:

William MANCE buried in Shaugh Prior in 1848 had lived at 2 Mill Bay Road, Plymouth. An Ann MANCE married in East Stonehouse June qtr 1849. It looks as though she married Joseph PENROSE and her birthplace on the 1851 census was Shaugh. The address in 1851 was 2 Millbay Rd, Plymouth St Andrew. Ann PENROSE of Plymouth was buried at Shaugh Prior aged 71 15th April 1863.

Did our Miller go to work at a Mill on Millbay Road in the Stonehouse area of Plymouth? The Plymouth Historical Appreciation Society tell us that Millbay was a developing area in the 1840s with a new deep dock and works and with the Great Western Railway under construction from the docks.

It would be interesting to know if the increasing dock or railway workforce included William or whether the many new hungry mouths meant more millers were needed. There are always more questions! Plus a visit to Shaugh Prior to photograph gravestones is added to the genie wish-list!

PLEASE GET IN TOUCH IF YOU KNOW MORE! shields_h_f@hotmail.com

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