A Few Forgotten Women

First a confession. This post has nothing to do with Sticklepath, though I am looking out for Forgotten Women of Sticklepath! I am one of a group of ladies (“A Few Good Women”!) who have been meeting over Zoom during lockdown and beyond. We have covered a range of topics, from our Grandmothers, to investigating ‘lost’ photographs (acquired from eBay or antique stalls) and discussions of our family heirlooms. Our discussions included how difficult it is to investigate women, who often left far fewer records than men. One thing led to another… Together in early December 2022 we launched a website to showcase ‘a few forgotten women’.

We have investigated one or two women together as a group, and have more such sessions planned. We each subscribe to different sites, and think of different ways to approach the research, bringing a more rounded picture. Plus it is fun! IF you get the chance to join a small group of like-minded genies to share findings, research together, and chat please do. Perhaps you would like to start such a group with a few friends? That is a good New Year’s Resolution in the making!

My first story has been added to the website today, all about Betty Kershaw. Betty had chronic epilepsy. Women with disabilities are often hidden in the records. However Betty was the victim of domestic abuse and hence there are newspaper reports of the coroner’s inquest and subsequent criminal trials from which we find out about Betty. The first half of her story is about the 45 happy years she spent with her family. You can stop there if you wish. It certainly seems rather ironic that we wouldn’t have known about this simple soul in such detail if there had not been an inquest.

There are a number of interesting biographies already on the website and many more to come in 2023. There is also an interesting timeline of laws and events affecting women. Do have a look, explore the website and follow us on Facebook so you know when the next ‘no longer forgotten’ woman’s story is added.

Best wishes for the New Year and a Happy and Healthy 2023!

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