The Scandalous Price of Apples

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette-Monday 22 August 1921

Notes of the Day by Onlooker

Red apples

The retail price apples is causing considerable surprise in many parts of Devonshire, which prides itself upon being an apple county. There is a very decent crop this year, but no wonder the general public are looking forward with pleasure to the advent of imported fruit in the hope that it will be obtainable at a less charge than the home-produced article. In some cases, the difference between the rate received by the producer and the amount charged in the shops calls for some explanation. A grower on the outskirts of Exeter declared to me a day or two since that he received 2d a lb. for apples which were subsequently offered to the public by the retailer at l0d! Apples can bought cheaper in London than in Devonshire, where the fruit is grown at our doors.

Apples on a tree

British Columbia is expecting to ship 5,000 carloads of apples containing 3,750.000 boxes in 1921. This quantity will be double the amount of the shipments last year and constitutes the largest export the province has ever effected. A partial realisation of the development of the British Columbia apple industry may be reached when one considers the fact that 20 years ago the province was importing this fruit.

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