Set on Fire!

I spent 3 nights in Sticklepath, my childhood and #OnePlaceStudy village, last week. It was a real treat, a “Heritage Break”. I stayed with a member of the Sticklepath Heritage Group so had lots of useful real life chats. First thing in the morning (when it was not drizzling!) I visited the Quaker burying ground and took a few photos. Then off to the archive to scan documents for study later. I was treated to a tour of the newly renovated St Mary’s, our little chantry chapel, and a preview of interactive heritage displays – listening to the actors voices in that setting really helps bring the past to life. Whilst there I took a photo of the Roll of Honour – another tick for my ‘To Do’ list. In the evenings I was then treated to an old fashioned family and local history slide show by my sister. My host’s wife had made a collection of interesting articles from many years of the local ‘Beacon’ magazine which I could peruse over my late night cocoa.

Swaling on the Mount Sticklepath, about 1970?

It has certainly fired me up to do more research, and one of the slides, as you see was of swaling on ‘The Mount’. The bracken and yellow gorse with a little broom intermingled was burnt off on a regular basis to maintain the common land in a state suitable for grazing. Now, perhaps 50 years since the traditional and controversial swaling stopped, the growth is much more varied and has quite a different feel as you walk through.

I can’t wait for the next Heritage trip – lots to do meanwhile!

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