Mr Partridge and the Pigeon Shoot…

Up with the lark today. As a member of the Finch family I thought I should do a swift tweet about this on #OnePlaceWednesday – No need to get in a flap but the time for next month’s blogging prompt is nearly here…. research led me to find these eagle-eyed gun men of #Sticklepath at one of our local pubs. Not sure which Mr Partridge was involved, could it have been Robin? No pot shots here (ie shot at animal intended for the pot), no feathers ruffled, only clay pigeons. Some were out for a duck – or is that just cricket? (Did you know that expression is just based on the shape of a 0 duck egg!). So I invite all one-placers and friends to p-p-p-pick up a proverbial pen and have a flaming-go at more pecking puns, ornithological imagery and other avian wordplay. I can just hear my mother saying “Fool”, but that’s for tomorrow. Now for my swan song: Must fly … RSPB – whoop(er)s – RSVP!

Hear the red-legged partridge call here

(With thanks to the BritishNewspaperArchive)

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