#52 ancestors: The Twin’s Photo Album (Week 9 Multiples)

#OnePlaceStudies #Sticklepath #SticklepathOne #Oldphotos #Genealogy #Ching

The Ching Family lived at Coombehead Farm at Tongue End near Okehampton, within Sticklepath. Today the focus is on the twins George and Louis Ching who were born in 1867 and died 1926 and 1927. Their parents George and Eliza already had 3 daughters. These are scanned from the family album, no editing has been attempted. Some changes in fashion, ties and moustaches can be seen. It is not always clear which is which!

18th Birthday Photo
The twins help out at father’s farm at harvest time

George with wife and son

1904 George with wife and children
Louis and wife

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