STICKLEPATH’S LOSS The Passing of Miss Elizabeth Ann Seward


A prominent Sticklepath benefactress, Miss Elizabeth Ann Seward, of Sunnyside,” who passed away recently, was laid to rest in Sticklepath Churchyard on Monday. It was said of Miss Seward: “Sticklepath meant everything to her.” An eloquent testimony which was more than confirmed by a lifetime spent mostly in service to the village.

President of the Belstone, Sticklepath and Sampford Courtenay Nursing Association for many years, she was a member of the Women’s Institute, and actively identified herself with the work of the church in which she placed a stained glass window as a memorial to Mr. John Cook, her cousin, who was churchwarden for many years. She was probably the foremost contributor to any local event, while willingly placing at the disposal of the village one of her fields for various purposes.

Miss Seward was a fairly extensive landowner in the district and was 87 years of age. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. C. Lister James (Rector of Belstone with Sticklepath).

The family mourners were: Miss B. W. Seward and Miss M. W. Seward, nieces; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tucker (Crook-Burnell), Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hawkins (Water Slade). Misses Ada and Elsie Colwill (Hatherieigh) and Mr. Ashley Hopper, (North Tawton). Mr. Frank Seward (nephew) was unable to attend.

The bearers were: Messrs. J. Cooper, G. Brooks, J. Newcombe, A. Bowden, T. Holman and G. W. Hellier. A number of neighbours acted as relief bearers.

General mourners included: Commander G Aldwell, R.N., Mr. J. J. Newcombe (Clerk to Okehampton Town Council), and Mrs. B. B. Newcombe (Okehampton), Messrs. C. Counter, Wright, Sleeman, J. Cook, Harvey, Bowden, Wonnacott, Brook, R. Finch, E. Heggadon, C. Bowden, J. Newcombe A E. Hull, R. Bennett, A. Hopper, F Richards, and A. G. French, Mesdames E C. Maynard, E. Heggadon, Simpson-Gray, M. A. Bowden, E Tucker, F. Wonnacott, Cooke, Lethbridge, E. Rowden, E. Tucker, A. Bowden, S. Bowden, Jones, and E. Jones. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Crews (Plymouth), Mr. and Mrs. S.Yeo, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Fielder, Misses Alder Brown, Stewart, Mesney, E. Ireson, Warn, H. Heggadon. E. Cobbledick, Reynolds (secretary of the District Nursing Association), Littlejohns, and Nurse Gaytor.

Beautiful floral tributes were sent from Frank and May, Bessie and Mary; Margaret and Cary; Annie: Mrs. Sloman and Miss Hockaday (Honeychurch): Mrs. Minnie Tucker and Lena (Mitcham. Surrey); Mrs. M. A. Bowden; Miss A. C. Watson (Plymouth); Dr. and Mrs. Maynard, Mr. Elderton and Miss Stewart; Mrs. and Miss Mesney; Miss A. C. Hastie; Mr. and Mrs. Freeman (Berryfield, Kent): Mrs. and the Misses Colwill (Hatherleigh) Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hawkins (Waterslade); Commander and Mrs. Metherell (New Milton); Miss Reynolds: “In grateful memory of much generosity and kindness to the Nursing Association” : Members of the Women’s Institute; Mr. and Mrs Cecil Hurford, and Miss Eddy.

Western Times – Friday 03 February 1939

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