Sticklepath’s Burials F

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Albany Finch Senior 1892

Albany George Finch 1945. age 81y. Headstone.

Ann Finch 1912

Bessie Finch 1861 7 months Burial no 137

Crystal Finch 1946

Edwin Finch 1849 Burial no. 79

Edwin Finch 1865 6 months old Burial no 154

Elizabeth Finch 1854 aged 28y Burial No. 103 Husband John Finch. blacksmith

Emlin Finch 1882 58 y Burial no 227(Maiden name Jasper)

George Finch 1885 aged 50y Burial No 237

George Finch 1900

Georgina Finch 1917 Maiden name Ching Mother of Muriel and Phyllis,2nd wife to Albany George Finch. Lived at Coombehead farm, Tongue End growing up and at Cleave House, Sticklepath when married.

Grace Finch 1879 Age 71 y Burial no. 210

Harriet Finch 1913

Isaac Finch 1879 Age 72 y Burial no. 211

Rev James Finch 1836 – 1921 m Martha Hutchings

Jenny Finch 1867 Age 66y Burial no. 163

Jessie Finch 1886 25y died of Consumption (?certificate). Burial no 240. Additional photos on Ancestry.

John James Finch 1856 aged a few months Burial no. 116

John Finch 1873 51y Burial no. 186

Joseph Finch 1851 Burial no 90

Kezia Huxtable Finch nee Ching known as Kate. 1933. was Mrs William Middle before becoming Albany Finch’s 3rd wife.

Leslie George Finch 1910

Maria Finch 1860 Age 38y burial no 134

Martha Finch 1918

Mary Ann Arscott Finch 1842 Burial no 51

Rebecca Finch 1891. Wife of George Finch, maiden name White

Samuel Finch 1859 33y Burial. no. 127. Died Consumption. Edge tool maker. Informant John Finch.

Susan Finch 1913

Susanna Finch 1857 Burial no 121

Victor Thomas Finch 1895 age 1 year and 10 months. You can read the tragic toddler’s tale here

Violet Maud Lucy Finch (nee Shaw) 1966 Age 82y Of Silverlake, Sticklepath

W. A. Finch 1919

William Finch 1854 aged a few days Burial 104

William Finch 1862 84y Burial no. 141

Charles Francis 1932

Ellen Francis 1967 age 82y Of Bridge Cottage, Sticklepath