Sticklepath’s Burials C,D and E

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Eliza Callaway 1855, 37y, Burial no 110

Henry Callaway 1842 Burial no 50. PERHAPS INTERESTING: 2 Callaways within 10 days no 49 and no 50. (NO ages given)

Henry Callaway 1913

John Callaway 1842 Burial no. 49

James W Callaway 1849 Burial no 80

John Cann 1868 Burial No 167 61 years. Blog regards his work as blacksmith and in postoffice. Wife Mary.

Mary Ann Chastey 1886 aged 69y. Burial no 243

Emma Chasty 1870 aged 15 years Burial no 176. Death Certificate – Consumption. Father George Chasty of Tongue End.

Eliza Ching STILL TO ADD my photos and details re Eliza and George to Findagrave.

Ellen Mary Ching 1949 of Exeter Maiden name Moore (Probate says death 19 Jan but transcript of burial register says buried 2 Jan.). NEED TO CHECK grave/death cert/newspapers

George Ching (Information provided to Findagrave by another person)Memorial inscription: “In loving memory of George Ching who fell asleep February 18th 1897, age 70 at home with the Lord. Also of Eliza, dearly loved wife of the above and our beloved mother who entered into rest January 14, 1911, aged 83 years.Their children arise and call them blessed.” (Note transcription error on Findagrave says age 33)

George Ching 1926. I am fairly sure George Edwin Ching.

George Thomas Ching 1959 Age 60y Of 128 Cowick Lane, Exeter

Louis Richard Huxtable Ching 1867 – 1927 Married Mary Ellen Saunders Palmer. Lived at Coombehead Farm as child , later Church Hayes Belstone.

Mary Ann Huxtable Ching 1870 aged a few days CONSIDER EVIDENCE OF PARENTS ON ANCESTRY/GRO

Mary Ellen Saunders Ching 1959 aged 86y. Of Church Hayes, Belstone (maiden name Palmer)

Mary Hatherly Chudley 1860 aged 33. Burial no 135 Burial 26. Sept 1860, death certificate cause of death Consumption. Husband. William Chudley husbandman. See also Susanna.

Susanna Chudley 1860 aged 7 months. Died 20th September. (a few days before presumed mother Mary Hatherly Chudley) I have death certificate only, with same informant Sibela Brealey and father William Chudley husbandman

Elizabeth Clark 1955 age 77y

Lucy Clarke a few days old July 1862 Burial no.143

Mary Elizabeth Clarke Burial no 159 (burial register with an e at the end, also check date burial register 25 Mar 1866 age 15 – Are these two different people?) Death certificate:Death Cert 19 Nov. 1866 aged 14 Consumption, James Clark father Edge Tool Grinder. Death cert NOT ADDED TO FIND A GRAVE YET only burial register entry, awaiting CHECKING>

Mary Clarke aged 53 1883 Burial no. 234

Susan Ann Clarke aged 6 months Burial 128

William Waye Clarke 1851 aged 91 Burial no.91

William Clarke. Burial no 171 in 1869 aged 46 y

Mary Born Coles 1872 Burial no. 182

Eliz th Collacott 1820 Burial no 4

Nicholas Collacott 1832 aged 80y Burial no 19

Cook 1829 Burial no. 15

Agness Cook 1863. aged 90y. Burial no. 147

Edith Jane Elizabeth Gilley Cook 1877 age 18y. Burial no 203, Cause of Death. Phthisis. Father James Cook Wheelwright. Mother informant Miriam Cook

Elizabeth Cook 1878 aged 78y Burial no 205

Elizabeth Cook 1874 aged 80. Burial no. 189

James Cook 1837 Burial no 30

James Cook 1842 Burial no. 45

James Cook 1856 Age 46y Burial no. 115

James Cook 1869 age 75y Burial 172

James Cook 1918

James Cook 1942

John Cook 1852 46 years. Burial no. 101 Also Memorial window at St Mary’s. Wife Mary died 1882.

John Cook 1845 75 years. Burial no 56

John Cook 1916

Louisa Cook 1951 80 years Of Cleave Cottage, Sticklepath

Martha Cook 1852. Burial no 96 Age 35y Cause of death ‘decline’. Spinster. Informant Mary Cook

Mary Cook 1882 82 y Burial no. 228 Also Memorial window at St Mary’s. Wife of John died 1852

Matilda Cook 1872 16 y Cause of Death: Disease of the lungs. Father James Cook wheelwright.

Miriam Cook 1914

William Cook 1870 aged 78y. Burial no. 177

Grace Coombe 1884 Burial. no. 236 Aged 84y

James Coombe 1876 Burial no. 199

John Coombe 1842 Burial no. 46

John Coombe 1854 aged 23y Burial no 102 Cause of death Consumption Linen draper, informant James Coombe.

Joseph Coombe 1865. Burial no 156. Aged 61y

William Coombe 1876 Burial no. 200 aged 81

Mary Louisa Coope 1962 64y Of South Tawton

Eliza Cooper 194? (on Findagrave 1948 until further evidence)

Elizabeth Cooper 1938

John Cooper 1944

Sarah Coram burial no. 27. Before Feb 14 1837 which was next burial

Jane Cottle 1874 Age 82y Burial no. 191

Simon Cottle 1868 aged 81y. Burial no. 164

Anthony Counter 1850 Age 25y Burial no. 84 Cause of death Typhus fever Husbandman NB GRO age 26y

Frank Counter 1862 73 y Burial no. 140

Mary Elizabeth Cowley 1852 Burial no. 95

Amanda Milvena Crocker 1864 aged 8y Burial no. 152

John Crocker 1875 63y Burial no. 198

Mary Crocker 1886 Age 73y Burial no. 242

Mary Ann Crocker 1903

Harriet Curtis 1929

Minnie Davis 1960 age 72y Of Tawside, Sticklepath

Elizabeth Dawe 1917

Emma Dawe 1928

Mary Dawe 1886 Burial no 238. Age 90y

Mary Dawe 1917

Peter Dawe 1944

Thomas Dawe 1903

Thomas Dawe 1916

Frederick Drew 1958 75y of Crediton Rd Okehampton

Olive Drew 1954 65y of Okehampton

Sarah Baker Duff 1943

Joseph Ellis 1876 age 60. Burial no.201

Anita Evans 1950