Sticklepath Burials L, M and N

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William John Labdon 1882 Age 13y Burial no. 225 Cause of death: Heart Disease and Phthisis. Father police constable Joseph Labdon, mother and informant Susan Labdon. See Blog post

Maria Lakeman 1898

Elizabeth Langmead 1821 Aged 80y Burial no. 5

Thomas Langmead 1818 85y Burial no. 1

Ann Legassick 1842 Burial no. 43

Ann Legassick 1868 Aged 70y Burial. no 165

William Legassick 1867 67 y Burial no162.

Gilbert L’Estrange 1951

Gilbert Richard L’Estrange 1957. Aged 72y Of Sunnyside, Sticklepath

Minnie Eleanor L’Estrange 1967 Aged 86y Of Sunnyside, Sticklepath. Died at Bath.

Bertha Beatrice Luke 1936

Grace Mallett 1881 35y Burial no 220

Horace Mallett 1953 of Foundry Cottage, Sticklepath. Foundry worker.

Sidney John Mallett 1970 aged 71y Brookside, Sticklepath. Foundry worker. Brother of Horace. (died. 1953).

Violet Mallett 1957 Aged 69y Of Foundry Cottage, Sticklepath

Elizabeth Mason 1907

Mary Metters 1858 Age 71y Burial no. 123

William Middle 1912

Eliza Millman 1866 A few weeks old. Burial no 158

Hannah Millman 1861 Burial no. 136

Joseph Millman 1874. Age 82y. Burial no. 188

Ellen Moore 1848 Burial no. 70

Mary Ann Moore 1859 aged 10y Burial no 131

William Venderkemp Moore 1888

Francis Vanderkemp Moore 1892

Albert E Mundy 1972 Age 78y of Sarah’s Park, Sticklepath

Marie Neill 1924

James Neill 1927

William Newcombe 1933

Louisa Nicolls 1868 24 y Burial 168. (not found on GRO register)