St LEGER-GORDON Douglas and Ruth

A brief note re Ruth St Leger-Gordon of Steddefords, Sticklepath. Ruth was a journalist and author. I have several of her articles regarding Sticklepath and vaguely remember her – I think she held a large stock of potential dressing up clothes for the various WI and carnival occasions! She had researched charms and witchcraft from Dartmoor and written about this. There is much cross-over with the ‘medicines’ and homemade cures of history. Her husband Douglas also wrote many books and chapters about Dartmoor.

A photograph of their gravestone (found in Sticklepath Quaker Burying Ground) can be seen on:
It says:

Douglas Francis Edward
St Leger-Gordon
of Sticklepath
Died 8th April 1970
Chronicler of
Lover of Nature
As was his wife
Ruth Eleanor
1893 – 1988

Douglas St Leger-Gordon

Ref Article in Dartmoor Magazine. No 76 Autumn 2004 by Anthony Greenstreet

His own books include:

Dartmoor in all its moods 1931

Under Dartmoor Hills 1954