Mr HERBERT CROSTON BROWN, as coroner and solicitor in Okehampton would have been well known to many Sticklepath folk.  He was also the father of Mrs Kay Sharp, wife to Dr Christopher Sharp of Sticklepath who lived in Bridge House.  Mrs Kay Sharp (1904-1922) was born Kathleen Forrest Brown.  

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette Friday 11 Feb 1938. Transcription using OCR on with corrections January 2023

Death of Mr H C Brown

DEATH OF MR. H. C. BROWN. Prominent Civic Figure at Okehampton. CORONER FOR 25 YEARS. One Okehampton’s leading civic figures, in the person of Mr. Herbert Croston Brown, of Downside, Okehampton, died on Monday, after short illness. 

Admitted as a solicitor in April, 1900, Mr. Brown, on the death Mr. J. D. Prickman, he succeeded to the practice of Messrs. Burd. Pearse and Prickman, and in 1913 was appointed Coroner for Okehampton and district and Clerk to the Okehampton and Hatherleigh Justices. 

A native of Southport, Mr. Brown identified himself with many public activities, and the affairs of the town proved himself man of sound and balanced judgment, with warm friendliness spirit. He was the County Council election agent for Okehampton and district; a past president of the Devon and Exeter Law Society; member of Okehampton Town Council (in which capacity he rendered the town much useful service) governor for some years of the Okehampton Grammar School; chairman of the Okehampton Hamlets Parish Council and a governor the Okehampton Hospital. 

Sport too, occupied a prominent place in his life and he was for many years president of the Okehampton cricket and football clubs, being a regular member of the cricket eleven. He also took keen interest in the welfare of the Okehampton Golf Club, of which he was a director and an ex-captain. 

Mr. Brown was taken ill with a cold about week ago, which rapidly developed into pneumonia and he passed away suddenly on Monday, he leaves a widow, one son. Major (D. F. Brown, of Okehampton, and daughter, Mrs. C. J. Sharp, Sticklepath. 

A tribute to the memory of Mr. H. C. Brown was paid at Hatherleigh Petty Sessions on Tuesday. Mr. J. A. Tattershall, chairman, said Mr Brown always took great interest in his work and discharged his duties efficiently. Everyone with whom he came into contact appreciated his invariable courtesy, and he obtained the respect and confidence of all practising in the Courts. The Mayor of Okehampton (Mr. S. J. Rich), Mr. A. W. Fullwood (on behalf of solicitors practising in the Court), and Superintendent P. Melhuish associated themselves with the Chairman’s remarks. 


Service at Okehampton Parish Church. An impressive tribute was paid on Wednesday at All Saints’ Parish Church, Okehampton, to the memory of Mr. Brown Cremation took place at Plymouth, and it is understood that the ashes will be scattered on the Okehampton Cricket Club Field, a ground on which deceased played regularly and with considerable distinction. The memorial service, which was attended by a large and representative congregation, was conducted by the Vicar (the Rev. R. H. Welchman), who was assisted by the Rev. R. L. Franklin (Curate). The hymns were “Love Divine, all loves excelling,” ” For all the Saints,” and “Onward Christian Soldiers,” whilst at the conclusion the Organist (Mr. S. Janes) played a march by Handel. Psalm 23was chanted. Relatives present were Mrs. C. J. Sharp, daughter; Dr. C. J. Sharp, son-in-law; Mrs. D. F. Brown, daughter-in-law; and Mrs. M. MacGregor, sister-in-law. 

Okehampton and Hatherleigh Justices were represented by Lord Carrington, the Mayor of Okehampton (Mr. S. J. Rich), Mr. J. A. Tattershall, Mr J. H. Croysdale, Mr. F. Down, Mr. W. B. German, Mr. C. Sprague, Miss M.Geen, Mrs. Kingsford- Lethbridge, and Air-Commodore H. P. Smyth-Osbourne. Among others present were Lord Carrington (representing Millaton Cricket Club), Major B. B. Newcombe, Mr. E. Britton, Hon. Secretary, and Mr. W. A. Scott (representing Okehampton Golf Club). Mr. S. A. Yeo (representing Okehampton and District Agricultural Association), Mr. J. Wimpey (representing Okehampton Grammar School), Miss Rogers (representing Okehampton and District War Memorial Hospital), Mr. M. Adams (representing the “Devon and Exeter Gazette”), Mr. C. Southcott (representing ” Express and Echo” and ” Western Times”), Colonel H. E. Molesworth, Colonel A. L. Symes (Exeter). Lieut-Colonel W. A. McDougall, Lieut.-Colonel J. C. Pearse (Exmouth), Surgeon-Captain A. W. WoOlleombe, Major R- M Coles (Lamerton), Major A. C. Palmer, Captain R. Deedes, Captain F. R. Buckingham, the Rev. E. J. White Supt. P. Melhuish (representing Major L H. Morris, Chief Constable Devon), Dr. ahd Mrs. E. D. Allen Price, Dr. aud Mrs. D. J. L. Routh. Dr. and Mrs. T. D. G. Wilson, Dr. J. P. Lusk, Mr. G. Lendon (representing A. L. and S. Hbnev, Exeter). Mr. E. R. Tapp (representing the General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation), Miss I. X”. Burd (representing Mrs. Burd and Mrs. E. Burd), Mr. A. Voaden (representing Messrs. Blatdhford, Ash and Co.). Mr. A. E. Watkins Mudge and Baxter Exeter), Mr. J. R. Tavener (representing” Mr. J. G. Tavener), Miss C. N. Pearse (representing Mr. Jas. Pearse, Sticklepath), Mr. S. Mingo (representing J. Cornish and Sons), Mr. and Mrs. M. Meredith Williams, Mr. and Mrs. R. Weeks, Mr and Mrs. O. C. Royle. Mr. and Mrs. R. M.’ Morrison Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. W. Leigh, Mr. and Mrs. Endacott, Messrs. J. R. Wollocombe, S. n. Cdlmer, A. Kennard, W. C. Cowling, J. Squire. S. P. Edgcumhe, J J. Newcombe F. Hawken, W. C. Davidson, R. L. Smale, A. E. Knapman, J. Franklyn, W. E. Northey, R. Scarle, G. Stephens. N. Finucane, R. C. Wilkinson, B. J. Sparshott, S. J. Balkwill (Hatherleigh), D. Erskine Ling (Hatherleigh), W H. Vipen (South Zeal), W. Slee, R. W. Webb W. Drew, G. H. Drew, S Home. H. J. Wright, L. J. Hallett, F. Murphy. D. U. Archard, S Harry, N. Cox, W. H. Passmore. H. E. White, Barrett, J. T. Jones, S.. Ball, J. R. Tippett, G. Morrish, Hawking, G. G. Pearse (Tavistock), C. W. Buxton, A. Spear, T. Haw! cms. C. Coombe, W. J. Hutchings, F. Clutsom. A. Banbury, W. Palmer, J. Skinner (Exbourne), A. E. Bayley, A. J. Parker, G. and S. P. A. J. Powlesland, A. W. Coles. F. Bnte, S. Ham, Radmore, Lacev (Bow), J. J. Phillips, W. B. Vernon, F. Day, Pertwee, C. Townsend, W. B. Chamings, A. W. Knapman, G. Perkin, J. HeTlier. G. L Harvey. Police-Sergeant J. Lamb, Det.-Con. Phare, Mrs. S. J. Rich (Mayoress ot Okehampton) Mesdames G. G. Pearse, B. A. Hocking, J. A. Tattershall, H. N. Brooking, Carter, C. Lake, Lrndick, Fisher, F. Cole, Doyle, H. R. Lynch- Blosse C. V. Izard, J. G. Tavener E. J. White, Gala, the Misses Bradley, Rough. Mingo (2). NeWcombe (2), and Medland.   Mr. J. A. Lucas (Exeter) was unavoidably absent. Members of the staff present were Miss Wotton, and Messrs. W. J. Crews, S. J. Piper, I. J. vies, H. S. Woodward, and C. J. Manning. 

There were no floral tributes by special request.