Late Mrs Edith M Bennett of Sticklepath


The funeral took place at Okehampton on Wednesday of Mrs. Edith Mary Bennett, aged 31, who died at Okehampton War Memorial Hospital on Sunday. She was the wife of Mr. William John Bennett, of Sticklepath (who has lately returned from active service in Burma for over four years), and was the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Glover, of 7, Eaststreet, Okehampton.

The service at the parish church was conducted by the vicar (Rev. F. E Compton). The hymns were “Abide with me” and ” Rock of ages,” Mr. S. J. Janes being at the organ. The 23rd Psalm was chanted.

The principal mourners were: Mr. W. J. Bennett, widower: Mr. and Mrs. W. Glover, parents; William, John and George, brothers; Elsie, Betty, Muriel, and Margaret, sisters; Reg and Vera Bennett, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Mrs. H. Glover, Mr. and Mrs. Glover (Chapelton), Mr. G. Bennett, Mrs. Clark, uncles and aunts; Mr. and Mrs. G. Hellier, Mrs. W. Hellier. Mrs. G. Squires, Mr. Luxton, Mr. Wonnacott. cousins: Mrs. W. Glover, Mrs. J. Glover, sisters-in-law; Mr. G. Morris, brother-in-law; Mr. W. Maddaford. Mrs. Wensley, Mrs. B. Chowings. and Mrs. Burgoyne.

The bearers, friends of the widower from Sticklepath. were Messrs. P. Brooks, H. Mallett. J. Wright, C. Bowden, H. Holman, and F. Wonnacott.

Floral tributes were sent as follows:— my darling wife.” from her brokenhearted husband; Mum and Dad and brothers and sisters; Vera, Reg and Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis; Auntie Nell, Uncle Albert and family; from nephews and nieces; Auntie Lib and family (Exeter i and Aunt Mary (Canada): Auntie Polly: cousins (Winkleigh); Uncle George and family; Gwen. Sid and Alan; Aunt Ada (Sourton); Blanche and Mrs. Burgovne; Bessie Hill and family; Mr. and Mrs. H. Kelly and family (Belstone); Mrs. G. Alford; Nurse Grimaldi; George. Dorothy and family; Mr. and Mrs. Wright and Edna: all at 8, Park Row; Mrs. Orchard and family and Mrs. Jeffery; Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Ken: Mr. and family; Mr. and Mrs. A. Slec and family. Sandy; girls at Bodmin; E. and A. Chowings; Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Maddaford; Mr. and Mrs. Gale nnd family: Emily; Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Slee; Mr. and Mrs. W. Ham and family; Mr. and Mrs. Wreford, Doris, Len and family; Mr. and Mrs. Scantleburv. Hazel and Sam; little Michael: Mr. and Mrs. Hooper and family; Mr. and Mrs. Bullock and David; Mr. and -Mrs. Lock and family; Mr. and Mrs. T. Holman, Harold and Doris.


Edith Mary Glover

Born 14 April 1914 to William Glover and his wife Annie Maddaford. She married William John Bennett of Sticklepath in 1935. She sadly died at the age of 31 years. She was living at Amara, Sticklepath in 1939.