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I hope to make a collection of old photographs and postcards and would especially like to collate the Chapman series. Devon Archive have some, with some useful dates, given they seem to be numbered in date order:

Description19626 – Street view, c1935
22096 – Sticklepath: Main street, 1950
22098 – Sticklepath: Main street, 1950
22804 etc – 5 views: ‘Greetings from Sticklepath‘, 1951
22806 – Sticklepath: Skaigh View, 1951
22807 – Sticklepath: Skaigh View, 1951
Chapman prints at Devon Archive

7285 – Sticklepath: River Taw and bridge, c1905
7297 – Sticklepath: carved stone on moor (‘The Honest Man’), c1905
9269 (2) – Church, exterior, 1907
9312 – Sticklepath: Belstone Road, 1907
16080 – Church: screen, 1924
18877 – General view, 1933
21673 – Village green, 1940
21991 – Rectory, 1949
22094 – Sticklepath: main street, 1950
22096 – Sticklepath: main street, 1950
22098 – Sticklepath: main street, 1950
22804 etc – Sticklepath: 5 views, 1951
22806 – Sticklepath: Skaigh view, 1951
22807 – Sticklepath: Skaigh view, 1951
( 23213 – General view, 1939 )
24815 – Sticklepath: The Rising Sun Inn, 1955
25308 – Sticklepath: The Rising Sun Inn, 1957
Chapman negatives at Devon Archive

Dates for those below can be estimated from the above dating and serial numbers. Chapman started 1899.

5835 Wesleyan Chapel showing old railings and wall with water plaque prior to wall being moved and road widening.

5938 Bridge Cottage, Bridge House, Bridge (on Flickr)

5947 Taw River Hotel. “Thomas Gilbert” above the door. Post office next along.

5941 Sticklepath. 1903? Number cut off view up street Devonshire Inn on left, candle factory on right, logs and Mother with child

5948 Halsgrove p26 Ladywell with 1 child on left, another not standing still on right.

5951 Sticklepath Bridge from Tawburn side. Postmarked 1914

5952 Sticklepath Bridge (Leat side) Post mark 1917

5955 Black and white and coloured versions similar to 5947 but more people.

Un-numbered view from The Mount again B&W (Postmarked 1907) and coloured versions. Likely similar timeframe to previous.

7268 Devonshire Inn with William. Middle ~1905?

7274 Tawburn looking towards The Mount

7278 Views of ‘Mrs Salters’ and ‘Bill Brewers’ opposite Taw River Inn. Possible sliding windows?

7278. Skaigh View Sticklepath – view of the house straight on with Mum and children, in vegetable garden.

7279 View towards Steddefords

7281. Sticklepath Bridge looking towards Cawsand Beacon. Note no pedestrian refuges on the bridge. Photographer stood where Oaktree park is now.

7283 Waterfall (?near dry bridge)

7284 Mill Cottage, Taw Leat, Silverlake and Primula with wall and hedge opposite side of road.

7285 Sticklepath Bridge from Tawside/Oaktree park along the river. c1905 (Postmarked 27 Sept 1913)

7297 Inscribed stone with Aubrey Tucker’s son William and horse.c1905 (See also Halsgrove p26)

8226 The Cemetery Sticklepath ~1906

8236. The Clark’s house with Monkey Castle

8754 Tawside House, note man on lawn moved during exposure. Postmark 16 August. 1910

8759 Looking towards Sticklepath from Exeter side , Bridge Cottage, Bridge House, row of Elder trees, Western & Carnall Mill complex, and clear view paths up Mount. etc

9312 Belstone Rd Sticklepath. with a man. 1907

9314. Belstone. Rd Sticklepath, lots bracken in foreground.

9315. Overview of Sticklepath and lane to South Zeal

9316 View from Skaigh includes quarry and house on Mount , school, Merrowdown. No Ladywell house.(Also HAlsgrove p60 says c1910)

9318 White Rock Sticklepath, just caught part of carriage (Flickr)

9320(no. not clear)p 27 Halsgrove

10031Post Office with few people

10032 Post Office, lots people and bicycles

10034 View of street Devonshire Inn on right, towards Taw River Inn. ( Halsgrove book p 25 wider version, says c1909)

10038 Taw Valley remains of mine wall. horse and carriage Dated 1939, stamp removed.

10049 Portrait version of Lady Well with a girl in smack dress/apron and urn

11690 J.C. Yeo’s series ?Admiral Jeffries house, up Willey lane.

11692 J.C. Yeo’s series view along leat past taw Leat House and Silverlake to Primula. Horizontal, elder trees on right

11693 J.C.Yeo’s series. Similar view to 11692 but vertical and can onto surmise elder trees on right

11696 J.C.Yeo’s series (Flickr)

11699 J.C. Yeo’s series Taw Side Sticklepath Dated 15/12/15

11705 J.C.Yeo’s series, horses walking towards chapel, Chantry Cottage in background

11708 J.C.Yeo’s series. Watersmeet and road towards shop

11710 J.C.Yeo’s series Taw River Hotel , notice over door ‘Stabling & Garage’, people and dog in doorway. Along street to candle factory. No porch on Dairy. Post Office bay windows gone. Notice over next house ?Tailor.

12466 View over village from The Mount

12467 Ladywell house and shed behind the Lady Well. view to church, incised stone in foreground

12468 Tom Pearse’s house with summerhouse just visible

12945. River Taw and Ivy Tor Sticklepath

13790. Honest man and gateway.

15675 Taw. River. , post office with Lyons sign, Dairy has a porch. Car or van outside P.O.

17375 Post Office at Brookside cottage, car outside. Steddefords.

18229 View from past Brookside cottages back to the Mount.

18230 Bridge House and Bridge Cottage and wonky signpost.

18231 View from Ladywell showing Eveley’s, Cleave House railings, Ska View Cottages, village hall with door onto road and Monkey Castle with 1 street Light

21490 (number unclear)Olditch sin re does Teas

22094 (Devon Archive) 1950 Main Street

22095 View towards Mount with Chapel and Tawburn in foreground.

22096 (Devon Archive) Main Street 1950

22097 View from Mount across. field to church and houses

22098 Devonshire Inn Carpark Devonshire Inn and street to Holman’s shop Postmark 1954 (Archive as above says 1950)

22801 Distant view of Olditch & Cawsand Beacon Sticklepath 1950-51

22804 – 5 views 1951

22806 Skaigh View 1951

22807 Skaigh View House from far side of Taw.1951. Postcard Dated 1958, confirming rooms booked. From Doris Bowden

24815 Rising Sun 1955. Devon Archive only

25308 Rising Sun 1957 Devon Archive only.

25345 The Heritage and Staplers

25878 Skaigh Valley Sticklepath